Blood collection
Release time:2015-12-31  Publisher:Shijiazhuang Health Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

    At present, most medical departments are using syringe blood after blood collection must be injected prepared in vitro, in the process of blood most of the medical department, because the operators need to frequently use larger forces will make the hand injury tic syringe, to the operating flexibility, speed and accuracy is difficult. At the same time, a syringe and suction, transfer of blood cells will cause certain damage, and may shorten the time and save the blood, blood is syringe sampling or injection two procedures to be made one "". No damage to blood cells, more accurate test results.
Reasonable structure, easy to use. Disposable vacuum blood vessel structure is reasonable. Can quickly and accurately grasp and use.
Safe and reliable, no cross infection and pollution risk. After the collection of the blood vessel is closed from. The utility model is especially suitable for outdoor collection and clinical collection, no blood leakage and external pollution. Feel good about the operator and get a better result in the test.
The multi needle blood. In the clinical application, when the special patients need to collect different amounts of multi tube blood for a number of tests, the collection of blood vessels can be a collection of multiple blood requirements.
The series of products. According to the requirements of different departments and the different requirements of blood tests, this product has different specifications.